Genetic testing is the ultimate tool for learning about your body's needs, fine-tuning your nutritional plan and maximizing your results.

The Genetic Test Kit powered by GeneBlueprint uses an analysis method 14 times more accurate than other popular tests. Using over 2 million genetic variants, the test delivers the most accurate Genetic Predisposition scores for over 20 factors related to Fitness Training, Nutrition and Environment.

How This Works:

1) Purchase the kit and take your swab test

2) Results are sent to the lab and generated over a 4-6 week period and sent via an online portal

3) After we receive your profile, we fine-tune your plan further based on key findings of food tolerance, deficiencies and more precise macro-nutrient profiles.  

This takes custom to a whole new level!


                                                                                                               some of the traits the kit will uncover


Get A FREE Genetic Kit: Unlock Your Greatest Potential!

By commiting to your Blueprint Macro Meal Plan (min 12 meals/wk), for at least 16 weeks, we help you unlock greater potential to break your plateau by shipping you a free Gene Testing Kit, valued at $450.00.

Alternatively, you can purchase this as part of your assessment and we will optimize your meal plan based on the results.




In addition, you will have access to view other aspects to help improve your physical activity:

Joint Health, Predispositions, BMI-Health, Bone Health, Power vs. Endurance Training, Hypertrophy Potential