How is my plan developed?

  • The assessment form allows us to identify your fitness goals, activity levels and much more so that we are able to create your own customized Blueprint Meal Plan. If you already have your ideal macros set in place, this helps us attain a better insight and tailor a plan to your needs. Click here to get your Blueprint. 
  • All plans are built for a 6-day period, as a day off or "cheat day" only helps benefits a balanced lifestyle and diet adherance for the long term.

What does the Hybrid Plan consist of?

  • This will provide one lunch and one dinner for 6 days.
  • The Hybrid plan allows for flexibility, meaning the remainder of nutritional intake would be up to you fill in.  This information can be found in the proposal we send out with your macro-nutrient breakdown. 
  • The guidance we have only reflects the meals we can produce as we have measured their nutritional intake.

What does the Pro Plan consist of?

  • This will provide you with 3-4 meals a day and fills approximately 90% of your weekly macro-nutrient intake.   This allows for a little flexibility for protein shakes or certain snacks you wish to consume yourself.  A few healthy snacks throughout the day does not hurt and realistically you may be burning more calories than we have otherwise calculated based on many factors including physical activity. 
  • The Pro pack also takes a 6 day average of the meals listed and not a specific combo for each day yet.  The meals are generally balanced the same for this reason as well.

How do we measure success?

  • The best way is to judge and see how your body feels and changes over a period of time, we recommend keeping the macros consistent for a 6 week period and submitting a reassessment to us at that point.  Remember the suggested nutritional needs are only an estimate based on assessment. You will eventually see what fits your body better along the way based on results and trending this progress.  What can be measure, can be managed.

When is the food delivered? How is payment made?

  • Meals are delivered every Monday and Thursday around 11am.  Payments are made through credit card and are set up for auto-renewal each week.  If you would like to pause for a week or stop at any time just let us know by Thursday for the following week.
  • Click here to check out our packages.

Tell me more about the DNA Kit?

  • Blueprint Meals has partnered exclusively with a genetics company to provide deeper analysis of the clients we work with. Gene Blueprint uses state of the art technology that scores information from up to 2 million genetic variants and not just a few traits as opposed to other genetic providers, this prediction is vastly superior and more accurate in providing nutritional and training pre-dispositions.